Affordably monitor gases and odors in real-time with PRISM.

This new mid-IR spectrophotometer is wireless and field-ready and monitors methane, carbon dioxide and trace gases (hydrocarbons, sulfur dioxide, formaldehyde, and more) and dust in real-time..

Our gas monitoring capability is enhanced with advanced modeling methods to pinpoint the location of trace gas sources so that you can:

– Stay compliant

– Prevent gas leakages

– Ensure a safe work environment

– Avoid community complaints

Gases: Methane, H2S, Co2, and additional gases.
Environment: temperature, humidity, wind.


  • Solar power & battery backup
  • Wireless data transmission
  • Cloud data storage
  • Rugged up to -40oC

Area monitored: 1-4 acres (depending on weather).

Precision: 10ppb – 1 ppm (depending on gas).

Methane measurement precision: 100 ppb accuracy for 0 to 10% v/v range.

Other detectable gas precision: 100ppb-1ppm accuracy for hydrocarbons, H2O, HCl, H2S, CO2, CH3Cl, HCHO, H2CO, HBr,N2O, HI (gases absorbing in the 3.1 to 4.4um).

Extended detection system: visible (340nm to 850nm) at 15nm, NIR (750nm to 1050nm) at 15 nm, SWIR (1350nm to 2150nm) at 22nm, mid- and thermal IR (5.5um to 10.5um) at 100nm to 220nm.