We build sensors for breakfast. We’re the last centimeter for your last mile.

Troposphere rapidly develops hardware that can solve your most challenging information gaps.

Need something custom? Our team rapidly develops hardware that can help solve the world’s most challenging information gaps, and we’d love to do that with you.

Our unique team is the secret sauce to our rapid, customer-centric development. We combine Dr. Anna Scott’s expertise in math, data science, and programming with Dr. Chris Kelley’s encyclopedic hardware knowledge and Dr. Yan Azdoud’s industrial design and production capabilities. We round our technical expertise with partners who’s core talents range from graphic design, front-end UI/UX, full stack development, industrial design, as well as working with world experts in optics, machine vision, and machine learning.

Currently, the team is working on projects that range from our oil and gas spectrometer, to a water sensor for a large NGO, and even a tattoo machine. We have a passion for environment challenges, and we’re always up for new hard problems.

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