The Team

Dr. Anna Scott, CEO. Dr. Scott is a mathematician, data, and climate scientist who has built environmental sensor networks around the world. She received her PhD from Johns Hopkins University. The fastest data scientist in the West, Dr. Scott prefers to program in Python but has been spotted writing in C, R, or Matlab, but never Fortran. After a traumatizing week installing Fortran compilers for NASA, she’s refused to go back. Ask her more about that story at

Dr. Chris Kelley, CTO. Dr. Kelley is an environmental engineer who designed the world’s most downloaded water quality monitor. Dr. Kelley received his PhD from Johns Hopkins and leads our electrical engineering, firmware design, and server-side software. His worst startup idea is Physical Idioms: 3D-printed puns shipped straight to your door. Ask him about his best (worst?) pun at

Dr. Yan Azdoud, COO. Dr. Azdoud is a mechanical engineer and a graduate of Ecole Normale Superieure, France. He is an expert in materials simulation, hardware, & design, and swears that Fortran 77 is the best language that will ever be made. He leads our mechanical engineering, industrial design, and laboratory testing. Yan claims that he doesn’t have any bad start-up ideas, but we all know he occasionally regrets that his rocket company never took off. Ask him about his other best inventions at